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NoAudience E002

December 28, 2009

Thanks for listening and in my opinion making the first episode a success!  I had some great comments and useful feedback and in my effort to keep the ball rolling on this project I encourage you to listen to episode 2 and tell your friends!

I make a few references in this podcast to websites I recommend, they are as follows:

Epic Photography : Medicine Hat, AB photography studio.  Great boudoir work!

Pixeldust Photography : Redcliff, AB photo studio.  Overall quality photos, modern and fun.

I Am Aduro : Calgary based podcast hosted by Al Del Degan.  Photography/modeling/makeup artists...etc.  Hard to find a good, locally made, podcast about photography. Very glad I found this one and recommend it to anyone!

Medicine Hat Media : Local website about the arts and entertainment in the area...supporting the same cause I am with my podcast!  Great site to check out.

Thanks again for checking it out.  It's ultimately you that will give this project the fuel to keep burning.  I welcome feedback, but please be constructive with your criticism.  Take care and Happy New Year!


PS: For those of you on the technical side, I do hear the variations in my volume levels and my noise gate setting were a little off. Honestly the end result was satisfactory for me and wasn't worth starting over with the master tracks to clean it up.  I'm lazy ok, it's the Christmas holidays!   Cheers.

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